Friday, 16 March 2012

No Bets on State-Benefit...(A day at the Dogs, Around about))

We file in one by one

The turnstile spins

Its cold despite all the hands from warm pockets that have touched it
and lady luck stands
winking at the entrance
with an eye only for me

Her skirt half pulled up to her thigh
and a bosom that makes me forget she has a face

A beer and a cigarette first
check out the track..

I inhale and tip from eager heel to anxious toe
as i asses the terrain and check for defects

Track Two looks bets on two

The Dogs fall out one by one
three are white
three are black
and  one...

' State benefit'

looks unfit and  somewhat bets on state benefit

So now three are white and three are black
One is lame
and one wont run well on the second track

But a hot tip i did just hear
from this man into my ear

He says that a black dog will out run one that’s white
as black can be seen where lost is white
and if before the race the dog doth poo this is not the dog for you
And as this logic seems simple and somehow true i can now decide
on the winning dog to choose

So three wont win because their white
The black dog in track 3 wont win because he has just had a shite

So now we are down to merely two and from this two the winner i must choose
because the remaining duo are an encouraging site the two that are left  are black as night

But oh my God the remaining two
are put in tracks one and two

And track two is the one that has the bump
And the the one in track one is the
Dog with a cumberome bound and jump

I look over to Lady Luck
At the Betting Window
She has a truckers dick in her ear.....?

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