Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Street Stanza

there's a matress

beer cans


and mainly syringes in the stair well.

and a spliff butt left 3/4 smoked and religiously  kept  on ever step

this is Soloman Estate and im 14
A Mohawk and eyeliner

We walk in the shadows
and the shouting

With headphones on
defined by our clothes
and summed up by

But this is merely
a taboosh
that has become a noose
choking our civility
which will not become loose

because ive got this hood?

i put foot to pavement and ride of on this skateboard
this plank of wood


the louting

together but seperate
Segregated like a prison by tribe

By Jib by Jive
by creed by crime

The people living in the cracks of our council built pavements
stargaze the most
and have nothing
and nothing to lose
so fight for everything they dont have
and have to shout to be heard
which is why they boast

So raise a can to the council estate pioneers and their beer soaked parker coats
and toast the glory, the failures
And their bus stop boasting gloats..

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