Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Poem for Lupus

A wolf sits alone
and howls at the moon

Whilst the mad-dogs of these golden streets
Rabid and barking below
Bellow brazenly at each other

And night owls reluctantly accept
Another night without sleep

Isolated and alone he croons his murdered midnight musings
Walling with passion and rage

Like this wolf has ever been in a cage?
Why lonely wolf even the moon has her stars
And cares not for your vanity.

Why lick that tempting blooded blade
 Thats your blood your drinking  now
But drink on if you must

A thespian dancing on deaths daggers
And enchanting us with his performance
 like a dark shamen

And we stand here his tribe and we howl al the moon


The jubilant jesters looking at you
 with intent and indifference
 but wanting to know you

kill this isolation
discover new worlds
accept were all alone
and put to bed
the black dog
that resides in your

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