Saturday, 19 November 2011

After the Storm - (A man will make a beast of himself to deal with the pain of being a man - H.S.Thompson)

The storm has finally stopped

And we step out of the shadows to see whats left

And there is nothing left

The curving of my spine and my muted mouth

And these deathless ears seem to please them more

I remember when people thought i was quite and shy

Oh he's jus quite,
they used to say, shy

Non threatening and likable

I hated that person but others liked him more

I guess he was unoffensive and placatory

I dont know who to be

The quiet me got ill and nearly died out of greif of how pathetic this fleshed vessel was

I guess ill trek back into the shadowlands i once inhabited

that half-life

Put on again that tormenting mask

I put it on

and the pins push into my eyes
and the gag slips down my jugular
and chokes at my throat

But people will like me again
and i wont be

I hide my true self
and present one which people

Its a shame no one likes that person
Or i cant find anyone that does.

He could have done great things.....


  1. A man must wear terrible and frightening masks so that he inscribes himself onto the heart of humanity -Nietsche