Friday, 23 March 2012

The Basment & The Alcoholic upstairs (The Co-Ed Killer)

The only light that can been seen
is from the Key-hole

And streams in like some
Golden Pathway

Animating the falling dust and the few insects that dance
along its course

And this basement

outside of the dark,
the cold
and the damp,
seems safe

I hear movement above like a groaning complaint
Which releases dust from the floor boards
and some falling plaster that hits my head.

Reminding me of her touch and why i'm here

Im not sure how long ive been here
But the light creeps along the floor and stops just before it reaches my big toe
it has done that 10 times now..

So maybe ive been here 10 days

At first i had company

But all that is left of them is the decapitated bodies
And remnant heads of twisted plastic

I hear a heavy crash above
and a cold silence after

I smile and imagine the
Whiskey bottle that caused the Crash
and the scene it created

I'm a Child now
But these days will make me miss out on becoming a man

For only Monsters and the waking dead live in the shadows and the dark
And one day my Mother will realise this fact


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