Wednesday, 14 March 2012

the Ethernet of plectrum drunkards

Over Bow

Hook line and Sinker i  did cast a

Simon Cowell

For a wet fish
shall catch a wet fish
For this i'm sure

And so shall cast this Rod
From the Beach to the Ocean's Floor

And Simon Cowell did shriek as he flew into the skies
and into the salt spit blue..

Disrupting a school of crill as he made his entrance
into this Aquatic Deep
This Primoridal fishy Stew

This Vainglorious Fish
was not long subdued
And bought together
and a Sea Otter too

He told them that they could sing just fine
And made sure they had smoked enough of the finest sea weed skunk and mermaid wine

For the
Lining of the Emporer Penguin's Pockets tonight
was long overdue
And a Crustacean Carnival in to this Reef
had just pulled through

So on the reef tonight
The Octopus-Eel-and Sea Otter
would perform

and sing to a whole dynasty of devoted
Lobster prawns

And after the gig The Fishy Cowell was so elated
he Left a Sea-Snail-Trail on a  Mermaid's prize winning tits
And left a whole school of monkfish reluctantly inseminated

The Mermaid fore mentioned was bought to Cowell's attention
by her skin that
shined like a iridescent pearl collection

but her skin was actually petroleum tainted and lost its chaste
Like Calypso's riding an Oil slick Sea horse
And losing her hymen during the race

Oh what meaning can i gleam from this nonsensical lyrical verse
and so as often as not
seem like mental illness or a bloodied mermaid mary curse

does my tabernacle grow sea bass stew?
Does my periwinkle look sea side blue?

Perhaps i will find my detchable penis
And send it in a bottle for you

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