Sunday, 12 February 2012

Beware of the Monkeys (A Poem for Hannah Woz)

A Poem i write for your travels dear miss
With advice and things to note
Which you may otherwise miss

For starters remember a big hooded jumper
and that a bus journey's ride is best spent in a slumber

Or that Tonic water mixed in your Gin Spiced  drink
Would be a preventative solution
 if into your skin a malarial mosquito's sting does sink

And remember your Visa, Passport and make sure to make photocopies of these
And beware the Monkeys
And elephants
And log out of facebook to prevent
Internet Cafe Frapers

Also too
 the dreaded "Delhi Belly" which on arrival you can sort
With a Mary Jane Lassi
Or a Yogurt that is
Locally bought

But if this is not remebered and you do get the Shits
Remember Dioralyte soultion
Will replace the Electrolytes that
now float
and linger
In the
Toilet's Dish

Ginger Tea is also good in this case
And perhaps a Mosquito net you could pack too
Within your travel case

But much more than all of this
just have fun

You'll realise that life's Journey is far sweeter under a Blood Red Indian Sun

Ohh yeah jus one last thing i have for you
You should also take alot of pictures
and keep a diary and scrap book too

Realise that you can do whatever,
and be whoever you want to be out there
 but more importantly you must also realise too
That your wicked miss
So just travel as you  :) x

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