Thursday, 2 February 2012

The Guilty Chode (Revolting Rhyme Series)

The Man did waddle in
Like a duck through the
Bar he strode

And took an unsuspecting lady back
 with more than coffee in mind to his
Most Modest Abode

For unknown to her
In the tailored garters
Of this
Princely Toad

Hidden and Vulgar
Was an unsightly

For his nobe was far more

Fat than Long

And bulged from his pelvis
Looking all the more swollen
Than Wrong

But the Lady did take pity on this
And mounted this unfortunate bloke
Like a duty proud Whale

It was because of her guilt
She did jump on
Upon this questionable erection she rode
It didnt take long

And without her guilt she did a hastily Leave
And the
Choded Man
With satisfaction
Did so a
Soundly Sleep

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