Sunday, 26 February 2012

Internal Ruptures

The Latch
And Internal Jet Fuels

As Satanic Wisps
And these Flood Gates
Are Open

An Interal Rupture
A Torrent Of Schism

Changing fancies
Changing Wims
An Ambivalence oiled
 Ego defensive Mechanism

Making sure i never lose
Always Win
The one that
Swung An Opening

And a water now formless
And moving always forward

 An Aqua Fresh Cowboy
Ridinging the Foam From Crazy Horses
On Partially Permeable Aquaeous Sea-Horses

In Matador Slacks
With Endorsments From Nesfaratu's
Soul Reaped Auction

An unforgiving
Modulated Mode of Time And Situation

As water takes many forms so
Does my perspiration

An Icicle in Winter Shards an Ear
And The Warmth of August
whilst my skins breaks and tears

A skin forever cracking
 Like A shock ridden body
Hardend and ridged With Fear

And i havent seen the latter
Seem to matter
on Morbid Maidens
Stangnent Minds
become messy and a tatter

Whist they sit with they're hypocrisy
Braiding Hair Corns
Fecal Matter

Living Life doing
What they Wilt
 Trying to forget the one that
Weeped Mercury From the Crown
Of A Mad Hatter
Who's Sanity  he Spilt

The one that was lost
The Love
That Sleeped

A Sexed Up Grim Reaper
Reaping Gaia's Purt Tite

An Alice in her own Wonderland
Who Gave up on Love
An Internal Hinterland
Of Fecal Rhetorical Sludge

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