Wednesday, 1 February 2012

My Polythene Lover (Revolting Rhyme Series)

She wears Clothes
As if her souls secrets were
ethereal and inscribed on the fabric

And beyond this outer layer
Lies an attention seeking scared

For as much vigor as has her
That she spent too long
On these balmy nights
working on just the wrapping
And forgetting her personality

For how her soul must scream
To cleanse its self from
 fashion and conformity's bitter black hole

What a poor soul's worth
 that values-it's self on
vulgarity's jagged mannequin's doll

While the ugly faced poet
Describes an inner beauty not
Inscribed on his clothes or revealed by his face

My polythene lover is now deflated
And popped in my Bottom Draw

And will live again to breathe with life
 that i give to her with my breath
 as she does inflate

Every time i need her
I Need her little

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