Monday, 13 February 2012

Black Swan

And i tell her to swim on
Over our lake

The Black Swan
Passes by Daffodiles
and Fishing Nets
Over Lilly pads
And Worn Smooth Pebbles

She leaves only a wake for
Me as i watch the sun set in the Ripples
Of the path she left

As the ripples Slowly
Dissapate the Become
Still Again

Black Swan
Is gone

Our Lake
Looks Bleak
Now and a Winter's Love
Causes Barrier a of impenetrable Ice to form

the pond
From the outside

The Pond remains Murky
Dank and Stagnant
By the time Spring has arrived
No fish or Flora survive
And all Animals Leave this wretched place
A place of unrequited Desire
and unfufilled expectacion

By the Summer
The pond has dried up
and is Gone

the Black Swan
as the Summer Sun
And lays its Head to rest
On What was The ponds

The Mud Slowly reclaims
The Black Swan
As she sleeps

and all that is left
is White feathers
And the fact
That it could have been different

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